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As Pablo Picasso aptly said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Whether an artist, an architect, an art lover or a designer, sketching is a powerful tool in the design evolution process. It helps you discover the solutions to design problems, to visualize and hence solve them. It also helps brainstorm for details and ideas to get a better understanding of the situation. Through this, we are trying to emphasize the significance of free hand sketching and its application in the process of design evolution.


  • Sketching is about free expression through different media like pencil, pen, charcoal, ink, etc. It helps you to conceptualize the design and helps visualize better. There is no age to start sketching, it is fun and fulfilling at every stage and also brings out the creativity inside you.
  • It’s a myth that freehand sketching takes lot of time, in fact, during conception of any design initial sketches are extremely important. Take Frank Lloyd Wright, for example, a brilliant well known architect. Each of his projects used to begin with conceptual sketches. Later his abstract drawings would shape into detailed designs and eventually into three-dimensional models.
  • Everything around could be an inspiration. The record or the sketchbook that you create is like a rich composition of ideas and inspirations. You might just want to carry it along everywhere. So, the next time you are travelling, don’t forget to carry your pocket size sketchbook.
  • Initial design ideas consist of conceptual sketches, line drawings and some incomplete drawings. This necessarily would not resemble the end product. It’s imperative to brainstorm ideas with help of sketches and doodles to generate concrete concepts. This is extremely important before you start working on the computer to understand the scale and proportion.
  • As a designer, it’s important to “sell” your design to your client. The initial sketches generate interest and show the entire design process to the client, hence making it a bit easier to convince him.

Sketching and designing go hand in hand. It’s never too late to start sketching. It’s important to unlearn what you have absorbed till now and hence just observe and draw…… because when you can’t draw with a pencil, draw with your eyes!!!

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