Celebrating Dr. Anjali Krishnan Sharma's journey with architecture on International Women's Day!
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What am I heading towards? Is Architecture the right career choice for me? Where is Architecture and Design taking me? As a woman will I be able to do justice to myself with Architecture as a career?…. A few questions which disturb every young aspiring architects’ minds.

On this special occasion of International Woman’s Day, as one of her fortunate students, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate and celebrate a very special woman and her achievements in the field of Architecture and Academics, Dr. Anjali Krishnan Sharma (currently Dean at prestigious Architecture & Planning School, GD Goenka University).

Professionally trained with PhD from Environmental Planning department at School of Planning and Architecture; New Delhi a premier institution of the country also acknowledged as “Institute of National importance” by Government of India. An Architect Planner with thirty-four years of experience of which in Academia for two decades and in Consultancy for a decade with most reputed architects of the country: Joseph Allen Stein, Raj Rewal, Achyut Kanvinde and others. Also experienced in Real estate sector as Chief Architect & Planner for about three years. Is RIBA Chartered member and recognized as Senior fellow with The Higher Education Academy; UK .

Dr Sharma has a phenomenal 18 years of teaching experience at Sushant School of Art & Arch, Gurgaon and haspresented many research papers nationally and internationally. She is also a part of  a core member of research group in Japan. In the past, Dr. Sharma has also been a consultant with the UNESCO. She is a life member of the Council of Architecture, India; Founder member of the School of Planning and Architecture Alumni, New Delhi; Associate member of India Habitat Centre, New Delhi; Associate member of Indian Institute of Architects, India and INTBAU. Her hands on experiences of handling projects of various types and her years in academia have given her the ability to straddle both the world of academics and industry with effortless ease.

She feels Architecture is a unique field that integrates elements of both engineering and art. The motivation for her work is to explore and use architecture as a medium to strengthen cultural and individual confidence, to support local economies and to foster the ecological balance. Joyful living is a creative and active process keeping her deeply interested in the sustainable development of the society and the  built environment. As her students, we always got all her love in the form of a teacher, a guide, a confidant. The most beautiful thing about her is her infectious smile which grows stronger overtime I meet her. Dr Krishnan always has a willingness to listen, the patience to understand, the strength to support, the heart to care and most importantly the creativity to problem solving, and if could only acquire a bit of all this from her.

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