JEE Mains B. Arch Paper 2 (2017) - Post Paper Analysis and Highlights
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The pattern of the JEE BARCH paper 2017 was the same as what it has been all these years. The paper 2 was based on mathematics, analytical reasoning and drawing. The test consisted of 3 parts and answers had to be marked in the provided OMR sheet. The pattern of the paper was as following-

Part I- 30 multiple choice questions of maths (4 marks each)
Part II- 50 multiple choices of aptitude (4 marks each)
Part III- consisted of 2 drawing questions based on drawing (70 marks)

There were a total of 80 MCQs, each carrying 4 marks with 1 negative mark for an incorrect answer. In addition to that, there were 2 drawing questions totalling to 70 marks. The total marks for the test were 390.


In the Mathematics part, most of the questions were above average. The questions were a mix of the easy, moderate and difficult level. There were more than 60% questions which were of calculative nature, leading to more time consumption from students. Overall, the maths part was lengthy and 30% of questions were based on brainstorming. Students very thorough with concepts from NCERT could have only solved them.

As far as the Aptitude part is concerned, about 40% questions were based on visualisation and understanding of a three-dimensional figure. Thorough understanding of orthographic projections, surface analysis and isometric drawings would have benefitted the students. Some of the options in the answers were very similar to each other with the only slight difference. About 25% questions were based on logic reasoning consisting of simple, average and tricky questions. Time management was important and as the section is scoring it would have given confidence to the student. 30% of Aptitude part consisted of theoretical questions based on various topics related to architecture like climatology, environmental issues, important architectural buildings and places, prominent architects, etc. 5% of questions were based on general awareness about famous personalities from other fields. Some questions were tricky and not straightforward.

As for the Drawing part, there were two questions, first question comprising two parts, which a lot of students missed. The concept was based on figure drawing and two-dimensional composition. The second question was based on memory drawing, which the students found lengthy and couldn’t finish it fully.

The difficulty level was higher than the earlier years.
Conclusion- Last year, clearly, more emphasis was laid on application based questions in all three parts.

Stay tuned to know what all you should study for theory part for JEE Mains Paper 2(BARCH)

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