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Hello-नमस्ते-Bonjour to all the creative souls who are going through my story in this section.

I am Anmol (quite literally 😉) and 7 years back, I was in the same situation as you are in, today. I cleared my 12th class CBSE board exams and then had no idea what to pursue further. So, due to peer pressure and societal expectations, I took admission in a B. Tech course because in those days, being an engineer was very much in fashion. I went for the engineering classes for two months but was feeling suffocated from day one. So, one fine morning, after gathering all my courage, I returned home from the bus stop instead of going to the college and bombarded all my feelings to my family. Their reactions were dramatic. My mum started crying, dad got angry and sister was trying to keep the situation cool.

After about a week’s time, I was clear and they were convinced that I was not meant for engineering and at max, I will waste a year but not my whole life. Then, they finally asked me of what I wanted to do instead of telling me what I should do. I told them I want to pursue anything creative as I used to love all sorts of creative things throughout my school life and used to get bored, when subjects with no visible outcome came in front of me including the Physics, Maths and Chemistry of class 12.


Initially, I started looking for animation courses but wasn’t convinced by anyone of them. During the same time, I met one of my school friends who was pursuing architecture. Out of curiosity, I started asking her about the course and the admission procedures which finally led me to ‘THE FUTURIST’ which was life changing for me.

There, I met Priyanka mam in a trial class and got to know more about the colleges in this domain. Moreover, when I saw few more students who had dropped a year and were taking 6 months classes for the architecture entrance exams, I got a bit comfortable but the pressure of taking the risk of dropping a year was still there.

Doubts like whether I’ll be able to clear the entrance exams started popping up, however, Priyanka mam with her balanced approach of guidance, strictness and individual level focus made sure that I gave my best.

I scored 119 in NATA and cleared my AIEEE with all India rank 2197. During the counselling time, when I got to know about the Urban Planning course which deals with the real-time issue of our cities, my interest got deviated towards it and I ended up enrolling myself in Bachelor in Urban Planning in School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, which is ranked amongst the top 10 architectural colleges in India.


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