What to study in theory for JEE Mains paper 2-2018?
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The Theory section of the JEE Mains Paper 2 for B. Arch consists of 15 odd questions (no.66-80 in the test) which broadly test the candidate for their knowledge-base. The theory is a part of the aptitude section which is essentially not separated from the rest of the paper. The multiple choice questions are very specific and clearly aiming at testing the students on the basis of awareness and interest for the subject. The questions in the theory section are not part of 10+2 board curriculum, hence, covering different topics which perhaps most students haven’t formally studied as a part of their course books. It is important to grill yourself to create awareness about architecture, buildings, people, and so on…. the knowledge base is vast…..very vast.

Through this blog, we have tried to simplify and list down the various topics/heads under which a student can create a knowledge base/bank to further help in the test. The various topics are as follows-

1. Places/buildings of architectural importance  (4-5 Questions)
Under this topic, the student could cover renowned places, buildings across the world and pan-India. One could study their locations, significant facts, building material, architect’s name, historical context, etc. Example of Indian places and buildings- Salim Chisti’s mosque, Jama Masjid, Lotus temple, Gol Gumbaz, Fatehpur Sikri. Examples of International- Big Ben, Pyramids of Egypt, Buckingham Palace, Golden Gate Bridge, White house.

2. Elements/Principles of Design, Colour Theory (3-4 Questions)
This topic can cover definitions of line, shape, form, colour wheel, textures, compositions, etc. The section is very scoring and students find it interesting to read about it.

3. Climatology and its effect on built spaces /Environmental Planning and Sustainability (3-4 Questions)
Under this vast topic, the student essentially needs to read about various climatic zones in India primarily, types of houses in various regions w.r.t. climate, Greenhouse effect, the effect of Sun on a building, Deforestation and its effects, understanding sustainability, agencies involved in the same, types of energy resources, etc.

4. Important Terminology related to architecture/ built components/ architectural materials (3-4 Questions)
Understanding the significant terms like-columns, beams, partition walls, false ceiling, RCC structures, thermacol, POP, glass, Flyash, stainless steel, etc. Pictures have a greater memory recall over text, so it is suggested the students also look at their pictures to relate better.

5. Town Planning (1-2 Questions)
The topic covers planning and character of famous cities across the world, example- International towns like Venice and Chicago, modern towns like Chandigarh, old towns like Jaipur.

6. Renowned Architects and their notable buildings (1-2 Questions)
The student can read about renowned architects and their works. One can cover both International and Indian architects. Charles Correa, Zaha Hadid, Frank  Lloyd Wright, Raj Rewal, Hafeez Contractor, and the list is endless.

The theory needs to be at your fingertips as it is very scoring and takes very less time if one is prepared. Images and pictures have a greater memory recall, so one can keep going back to your own image bank.

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